X-Message-Number: 21958
From: "Mark Plus" <>
Subject: The True Death in the Post-Carbon Age
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:38:32 -0700

In Message #21954, Mike Perry writes, "Another thought too
is that possibly we will be in for some economic hard times that will make
liquid nitrogen hard to get for a long interval, as suggested by Mark Plus
(#21945). In this case, a low-maintenance option such as chemo plus
permafrost burial (or even very good chemo and plain conventional burial or
some other high-temperature storage) could be the only hope."

I think you misconstrue my point. Once we've squandered what's left of the 
planet's fossil thermodynamic capital, the human race faces a massive 
die-off and a PERMANENT dark age, no matter how much technological knowledge 
we might have acquired by then. That's when the survivors will get to see 
Keith Henson's beloved evolutionary psychology in action.

You might want to study Jay Hanson's DIE OFF Website, especially the 
well-documented synopsis at:


This essay, apparently written early in 2001, contains links to predictions 
made several years ago that North America's natural gas extraction would 
fall off the cliff presently; these predictions could almost have come from 
this week's news stories about Greenspan's testimony. It also points to the 
cognitive dissonance between the mainstream economic view of the world and 
the thermodynamic reality revealed by physics, since economists theorize as 
if perpetual motion machines exist.

Mark Plus

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