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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Retiree-type wanted + don't worry about gas shortage
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 03:20:13 -0700

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Don't worry about energy shortages - solar energy is afforadable for the average

We just bought a sort-of-survival center.  It is 10 acres in the middle of the 
forest about 10 miles from Mayer Arizona down a rough dirt road (takes 1/2 hour 
drive off pavement).  This place has two solar trackers each with 8 small 
panels.  The trackers capture solar energy and put it into 16 six volt 
batteries.  This set up runs a house and 3 more cabins, + a barn and well.  It 
runs all by itself, all I have to do is put water in the batteries every 6 
months and replace them every 10 years.  (But they even have batteries that last
over 50 years).  This whole set up cost under $16,000 turn key.  So I am 
wondering why more people don't just get a set up like this and forget about 
natural gas or electric lines and all. If you prorate this out over a 10 year 
period, it is about $110 to @120 per month.  

Help Wanted

While on this subject, I am looking for a sort of retired person or a person who
doesn't mind living by him/herself for a care-taker position at our hide-a-way.

David Pizer


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