X-Message-Number: 21971
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 23:28:45 -0400
Subject: From Mike D.

The below posting to sci.cryonics did not seem to get an appropriate level 
of comment there.  Perhaps it would at least be of interest to some on this 
list who did not read it there.

From:   (Mike D)

Subject: cryogenics research

Date:  19 May 2003 20:54:25 -0700

I am relatively new to the field of cryonics, so I may be lacking
sufficient background. However, I was wondering if anyone has looked
at the results of Safar & Tisherman (Univerity of Pittsburgh) in
profound hypothermia in resuscitation? Their group has obtained
impressive neurologic recovery in dogs subjected to moderate to
profound hypothermia with complete circulatory arrest up to 120
minutes. While this obviously is not cryogenics per se - it would seem
to have relevance to the induction of the cryogenic state. For that
matter, if one could induce a test animal utilizing the above
protocols, then cool them to a cryongenically relevant temperature for
several months (but above cracking temperature) then revive them
(using similar protocols utilized by their group), it could provide
real impetus to the movement. Am I totally off base here? Any thoughts
would be welcome.

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