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Subject: Finding the appropriate experts
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 08:59:58 -0700

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>I suggest that you consult the very well documented writings of the late 
>Julian L. Simon,
e.g. The Ultimate Resource-2, Princeton Univ Press, 1996 or the more recent 
but equally
well documented and , to me, highly persuasive writing of Bjorn Lomborg, The
Skeptical Environmentalist, Cambridge Univ Press, 2001.

Simon and Lomberg weren't trained in petroleum geology. Kenneth Deffeyes 
was, and he wrote a book about the oil situation having the appropriate 

Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage

At last month's conference in Paris of the Association for the Study of Peak 
Oil, Deffeyes presented evidence that the curve in world oil production 
could very well have inflected in the year 2000, though the current 
worldwide recession/depression might be making the actual trend hard to 


Of course, if you think Simon and Lomberg understand the situation better 
than the people who work in the energy business for a living, maybe you 
should send copies of their books to that environmentalist doomsday radical, 
U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham. If Abraham sees the Light, he might 
cancel the "emergency meeting" he's scheduled for June 26 to deal with the 
natural gas shortage:


For a conservative Republican, Abraham seems to lack confidence in the 
market's ability to solve this problem. The Bush Administration doesn't want 
this additional hassle by any means, considering that Bush wants to get 
re-elected next year. But the reality of depleting fossil fuels doesn't care 
about political ideology.

Mark Plus

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