X-Message-Number: 21977
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 14:28:24 -0400
Subject: Alcor Needs Help Too

In #21972, David Pascal wrote:

>Charles did prove helpful in one respect.  He found an outdated passage
>on our web site which described CI as taking a week to cool patients to
>dry ice temperature.  It's two days now, not seven, and has been for a
>while, and the passage has been corrected.  One of the goals of the CI
>site is to provide as much information about cryonics to the public as is
>possible, and as a result it is a very very large site, with some
>redundancy.  So the occasional outdated passage does slip by.
>Fortunately Charles' duties as Alcor COO are light enough to allow him
>time to browse CI's web site in close detail and help us with web matters
>like updating.  Thank you, Charles.

Unfair, most eloquent scribe Pascal!  CI is not the only one needing help 
with their website.  There are people listed here who no longer work for 
Alcor (who are their replacements?):


Hopefully this will help and the appropriate corrections will shortly ensue.

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