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Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 13:19:50 EDT
Subject: Cryonics observer issue, call for "PUT CRYONICS ON THE MAP"!

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Hello, Dear Cryoneters!

I have been following with fascination the dialogue between Charles Platt and 
David Pascal.  Two brilliant stars in the constellation of cryonics activists 
who don't always see eye to eye.  

I am still laughing out loud about David's piece a few days ago in 

"traditionalist communist" lingo.  I stand in awe of the writing and thinking 
ability of 
these gentlemen, and hope that I may be of some service in this posting.   

The reason for my posting is this.  

I live in Daytona Beach, FL.  A few months ago, CI suspended a member here, 
with the actual suspension protocols done by Suspended Animation Inc.

There was a front page article on this case, dated April 16, 2003, in the 

Daytona Beach News Journal.  The lady who is suspended is named Pearl Adelson.
She is age 82 at suspension, her son, named Mark Adelson, age 53, is quoted 
extensively and well in the article.  

(I called Mark Adelson the week following the article, and suggested we get 
together, but he was a bit weird about such simple logistics as meeting at a 
restaurant, so I have yet to meet him in person.)  

The point of the posting is simply this.  I am an "out of the closet" public 
cryonicist, signed with ALCOR since 1994.  I would have been thrilled to be an 
observer and do what I could to help in this suspension.  I am actively 

interested in all phases of the suspension protocol, technical details, as well 
the continuously blooming human and controversial flowering of this movement.  
In short, I would have been the ideal observer that is being discussed in the 
last few postings by Platt and Pascal.

However, I knew *nothing of this SUSPENSION until one of my clients told me 
about the front page article, knowing I am a cryonicist. (Although I subscribe 
to the paper, I am frankly too busy to read it most of the time, and it goes 

still folded into the recycler.)  But I have a full copy of this article, which
is rather positive about cryonics, on my desk as I write these words.  I sent 
an original of the paper to CI and ALCOR.

I would agree with David Pascal that this is not a function of dark 

conspiracy or secrecy, but logistics and preparatory time.  And the problem is 
there is 
no protocol or system that would improve the real world chance for members of 
both orgs to observe protocols of suspensions happening geographically NEAR 
to them.  Or meet and support each other prior to suspension arrangements.  


An Internet based MAP of "open source cryonicists" which let's people 

interested in cryonics FIND and HELP each other, both before and during 

ALCOR has made a start on this, (on my suggestion several years ago at an 
ALCOR conference) with the publishing of a LIST in booklet form showing names, 
email addresses, and physical addresses of "outed" members.  BUT, the booklet, 
while excellent, is both out of date and non-internet based.  Nor does it 

include ANY Cryonics Institute people.  Nor is capable of dynamically being 
with new members and new functionality.

Does anyone know what software would be required to develop such a map?  

Alternately, or until this is developed, we could just have a list of 
kept on a website.  ALCOR and CI probably COULD officially host this, if the 
folks on the list had signed paperwork that they will allow their name to be 

publicly displayed.   The advantage of a map over a list is that a "point" could
be shown for a cryonicist who is signed but does not want his name publicly 

displayed, but would not mind being contacted by a fellow cryonicist in his/her

Does anyone see the positive POWER and IMPACT this map/list could provide for 
cryonics besides me?  I have been lobbying for the "PUT CRYONICS ON THE MAP" 
system for some time, and it is time to raise the volume.

I would be willing to host such a list, should ALCOR or CI have reasons of 

logistics or liability or confidentiality preventing them from doing so.  I feel
like the development of such resource can really help ALL cryonics 

organizations be more effective in their stated objectives of the saving of 

Any thoughts or ideas on this?  

My deepest respect and admiration go to all readers of this list.

Warm Regards,

Rudi Hoffman CFP 


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