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From: "Ben Best" <>
Subject: RE: Summer BBQ;aging; PofA for Health;Toronto group
Date: 22 Aug 2003 06:18:31 -0700

    Bruce Waugh wrote:

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> From: "Bruce Waugh" <>
> Subject: Summer BBQ;aging; PofA for Health;Toronto group
> Despite the blackout of my condo the day before, the 
> Toronto cryo-BBQ  was a great success, with 18 attendees 
> socializing on a beautiful day.
> After, Christine Gaspar (President of the Cryonics 
> Society of Canada) led a discussion on cryonics in 
> Canada.  Then  Ben Best gave an excellent and very 
> relevant talk on aging  and dementia.  Ben has 
> researched this area extensively,  and written on it
> -- see, for example,
> http://www.benbest.com/lifeext/Alzheimer.html .

      The article that Bruce cited about Alzheimer's 
Disease is a new one on my website. However the 
bulk of my talk was concerned with Mechanisms of 
Aging. For those who have read my webpage on this
subject before, I would recommend a second look 
because I greatly revised and re-wrote much of it in 
preparation for the presentation I gave at Bruce's
Summer Party: 


       Bruce has given Summer Parties every year in 
Toronto for well over a decade. Toronto has an 
exceptional number of cryonics activitists and an 
exceptional level of organization of those activists.  
This is remarkable considering that Toronto is not
in the United States and when comparisons are 
made with major cities that are in the United States. 
I believe that Bruce's parties have had a great deal to 
do with our success. Although he is now becoming a 
"snow bird" in his move to Florida, he has told us that 
he intends to continue holding Toronto Summer Parties.

     Thank you Bruce !! 
                                        -- Ben Best 

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