X-Message-Number: 22405
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 20:41:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ted Williams questions

Rudi Hoffman wants to see Ted Williams' signup documents.
Sports Illustrated has shown evidence that such documents
exist, but Alcor is still unable to confirm (or deny) that
Ted Williams is a patient, because of confidentiality issues.

Mikep (real name not supplied) asked:

"Isn't it time for someone to clarify to the media of the
recent changes in suspension protocol and put some light on
the subject. If it is not the case then I don't feel I should
be considering myself as a potential cryonic candidate."

A press release was sent out containing some of these
clarifications, but I was unsurprised when journalists were
uninterested in this information, and ignored it. If Mikep
reads Alcor's informational materials (e.g. Alcor News) he
should be aware that substantial improvements have been made
in human cryopreservation during the past three or four
years, and Alcor is now testing an intermediate-temperature
storage device that promises a radical reduction in the risk
of fracturing.

Mikep continues:

"Also, with the LJ situation, it would appear that what Alcor
or CI or any facility needs so badly is money so we don't
have to be held hostage to a situation whereby the lack of
money and resources will probably doom the real prospect of
successful suspensions."

Absolutely right. My principal concern, when interviewing
candidates for the "Director of Clinical Services" position,
was that Alcor could not pay enough to compete on equal
terms with conventional employers of paramedics or
experienced hospice nurses. Consequently I felt that many of
the resumes I received were from people who were problematic
one way or another. Larry Johnson's resume looked good by

Dave Pizer asks if a credit check was performed on Larry
Johnson. In fact Larry Johnson was very straightforward with
Alcor about his finances; therefore a credit check was not
necessary. I wouldn't want to say more than this because I
would be violating _his_ confidentiality. Of course I feel
that he has already violated mine (e.g. by taping me without
my knowledge or permission) but still, I have to remain
within the parameters which I feel are appropriate.

--Charles Platt

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