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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 21:50:16 -0600
Subject: CI and State Regulators

Here's the article in case no one else posts it today.  The headline is, 
typical of news writer spin, not quite correct.  If CI ends up needing help 
taking care of current members who need that lifeboat, here is the 
opportunity for the other organizations to show their willingness to help 
out another in need.

STATE Orders Local Cryonics Institute To Close - WDIV, MI

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The Cryonics Institute has been ordered to stop 
operating its business by the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry 
Services. CIS said the institute is operating as an unlicensed mortuary 
science establishment and a nonregistered cemetery.  The governmental 
agency said it was made aware of the Michigan cryonics facility after the 
death of Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Ted Williams, whose remains are 
frozen in an Arizona cryonics facility.  Cryonics is defined as the process 
of freezing and storing the body of a recently deceased person to prevent 
tissue decomposition so that at some future time the person might be 
brought back to life upon development of new medical cures.  "Our 
investigation revealed the Cryonics Institute is clearly operating as both 
a funeral establishment and cemetery without any state oversight," said 
David C, Hollister, director of CIS. "We are extremely concerned that 
people from around the world have invested their trust and finances into 
this facility to preserve their bodies for eternity, yet this facility 
continues to knowingly operate outside the scope of the law." The facility, 
located at 24355 Sorrentino Court, is being ordered to preserve the bodies 
currently in its care; however, it will not be able to accept any new 
contracts or bodies. Hollister said CIS is encouraging the Cryonics 
Institute to take the necessary steps to come in compliance with state law. 
The Cryonics Institute may become licensed either as a funeral 
establishment or registered as a cemetery; however, current law would 
prohibit the Cryonics Institute from being able to do both. The law 
stipulates that bodies cannot be prepared at the scene of a cemetery, 
however the institute could make arrangements for the bodies to be prepared 
in a licensed funeral home, according to CIS.

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