X-Message-Number: 22423
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:41:56 EDT
Subject: Michigan issues

The Cryonics Institute is surprised and disappointed by the orders issued by  
the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services, which it believes 
are completely unjustified.Since we have had the orders for only 24 hours, we 
are still considering the precise courses of action that we will take, 

including whether to proceed with litigation.    However, the Department's 
which prohibit certain activities pending resolution of the licensing issues 
raised by the Department, do not in any way affect the care of our current 

patients. Moreover, while we strongly disagree with the Department's actions, we
note that the Department has stated that it does not wish to prohibit our 
activities, but desires that they continue under the Department's licensing 

process.While resolution of these issues  proceeds, CI will continue to protect 
interests of its members. We will promptly keep you apprised  as to further 

 In the event of litigation, we would welcome support in the form of 

affidavits from cryonicists with academic credentials as well as any CI 
contact David Ettinger () if you are interested in helping.

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