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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 08:55:50 EDT
Subject: CI will prevail, but larger issue looms

Like many of you, I was "surprised and disappointed" (to use David Ettingers 
lawyerly  understatement) by the actions of one or several Michigan 

"functionary(s) against the Cryonics Institute.  In fact, I was more than this.
I was 
"outraged and disgusted" at the actions of the state.  

With the good and professional people working with CI, however, we know this 
will be worked out.  CI will pay their necessary licensing (extortion?) to the 
powers that be, define themselves legally as a mortuary, funeral home, 
cemetery, scientific research facility, etc.  And this will blow over.  In all 

likelihood, cryonics will once again generate substantial free public relations,
and higher public awareness.  

Since most humans on the planet have NO idea that cryonics is even an OPTION, 
much less an affordable one, it can be argued that almost ANY publicity is a 
net positive for cryonics at this stage of the industry.  And I have total 

confidence in David and Robert Ettinger, David Pascal, Andy Zawacki and other CI
executives to handle the press and the government in this matter.

But, the larger issue pointed up by this outlandish action by the state of 
Michigan is pretty obvious.  We are an astonishingly small and dangerously 

powerless group of cryonicist visionaries.  We are engaging in personal choices
which a large number of people are very uncomfortable with.  Many people would 
consider the hubris we have to fight "natural" death to be sinful.  

These folks could theoretically prohibit the very practice of cryonics, and 

do this in any number of ways.  A simple addendum tacked onto a Federal bill in
Congress, lobbying at the state level by Christian fundamentalists, 

additional bad press causing cryonics to be overregulated by the state causing 
costs which no cryonics organization could bear... the list goes on.

The take home message here is that another Cryonics summit is needed, with 

part of the agenda involving "Scenario planning" to help protect this vital and
still embryonic movement.  I would be willing to participate in such a 

gathering, and add my thoughts along with many people with much bigger brains 
than me.

And/or we can have a thread on Cryonet devoted to this.  But this would not 
accomplish as much as was accomplished at the last "Cryosummit."   


Best Regards and Long Happy (and regulator free) life to all,

Rudi Hoffman

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