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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 16:27:03 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Need help finding Astrophysicist Sara Seager

A few months ago I watched and taped a show off of PBS called "Big 
Ideas: Exploring the Cosmos" hosted by Ira Flatow. It was one in a 
series apparently though I never saw the others. They were simply 
interviews with extra bright people, among them Freeman Dyson, that had 
done extraordinary things in their fields and this show was mostly about 
cosmology. What attracted my attention most was that at the end of one 
young lady's interview the interviewer couched his last question with, 
"Now I know this is a little bit 'out there' but I know you have unusual 
plans for your body when you die, right?". She answered affirmatvely and 
went on to describe how she wishes to be cryogenically preserved at 
death and then "ejected into space" so to travel toward a system "with a 
known Earth like planet" likely to be inhabited by extraterrestrials 
that might some day discover her and revive her from stasis. She also 
said that if she is not discovered or misses the target she won't mind 
returning to our origins, becoming star stuff.

She is rather bright and so I think we should contact her if possible 
and tell her she needn't take the rocket ride, we'll see that she is 
revived right here on Earth and then one day she can take the journey 
consciously, if such space travel ever becomes possible. Of course such 
travel may yet again require suspended animation but at least she can do 
so with a much greater certainty of success in a time when such journeys 
may well be common place.

Her name is Sara Seager and she's an Astrophysicist. I think she is 
faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University but 
I could not find her when I searched there. Any help finding her would 
be appreciated.

Admittedly I am at a bit of a loss to understand how she can have an 
open mind enough to consider cryonics possible enough for an advanced 
alien race to revive her and yet not, given her obvious advanced 
learning and high intellect, be able to see that our own technology 
would far surpass the level needed for revivification by the time she 
would be but a marginal distance away from or own solar system by 
today's space technology. I'm sure given the chance she would realize 
this. I'd be happy to gently nudge her toward realizing this.


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