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Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 11:58:36 EDT
Subject: Bold proposal

  I assume all on this forum are *closely* following developments on the stem 
cell front. 
   Assumes the leading cause of aging is our reservoirs of adult stem cells 
age and wear 
   I would like the members here and the life-extension members at large to 
consider the
   this bold but common sense proposal: Use closely inbred middle aged mice 
(to save
   time and money) to simulate cloning. After breeding, abort early embryos. 
Separate into 
   individual cells. Intravenously inject all cells into parent mice. By 
teasing out the best
   times to collect and  inject these cells, I believe in <5 years protocols 
can be developed
   to at least square the mortality curve and these protocols could be 
applied to humans.

   I fully realize I am way out there in a small boat in deep and stormy 
waters ...but I must
   sail on --:)
   To make this more tenable, consider: it is likely the following 
technologies will be available
   in <5 years-if not here now.
   1) Human cloning (2-4 week imperfect embryo OK) 
   2) Artificial wombs (2-4 week embryo)
   3) Human eggs created from existing stem cell lines (any mammalian eggs 
   4) Automatic cloning chip. Patent applied for. (50 cloned eggs at a time!)
   5) Pharm/Tech companies are investing BILLIONS of dollars trying to do 
what a few cells
   from our cloned early embryo would do with ease.
   200 investing $200 per month =$480,000 per year...could this miserly 
amount do these mouse
   If successful protocols can be developed I am sure this small group can 
produce or have
   produced and self inject these cells without the FDA or any ones approval. 
If not here (USA)
   then some where in the world ( orient?). These cells can be shipped all 
over the world.
   I am 
   willing to join with as little as 20 or more to see these experiments get 
done and, if successful,
   get these cells produced and into our bodies.
   Considering how difficult it is to get 200 or so folk to do ANYTHING, 
especially contribute money
   for several years, I suggest the following be considered: (If a group can 
be formed)
   1) Pledgors agree to invest X dollars monthly.
   2) Pledgors elect X number of leaders. 
   3) All plans, protocols, results and hopefully benefits be kept 
confidential -mainly with leaders.
   4) Pledgors failing to invest monthly or to keep secrets are out.  
   "All great truths begin as blasphemies" George Bernard Shaw  --:)
   All comments will be appreciated.

   Roy Yowell 




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