X-Message-Number: 22476
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 00:12:55 -0400
Subject: Sports Fans Come Forward

Even more stuff about Ted Williams graces the "sports news."  Hey.  Are 
there any sports fans signed up for cryonics?  I'm serious.  I have to ask 
how could such brainless people be interested in prolonging their lives 
beyond their few decades of doing nothing but reading the paper for the 
daily scores, ratings, etc., watching the games on TV, talking about it (in 
the bar or wherever), and generally filling their empty brains with pablum 
until their time with the grim reaper comes.  But hey.  If you are a 
"sports fan", tell these NY Daily Times and SI reporters exactly why you 
are offended by their worthless opinions about cryonics.  You would have a 
unique perspective that I cannot provide, thanks.

>WILLIAMS daughter apparently signed off on decapitation of late ...  - 
>Kansas City Star, MO
>NEW YORK - As if the details of Ted Williams' frozen remains in an Arizona
>cryonics lab haven't been unseemly enough, it has now come to light that

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