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Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 04:49:28 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Re: International Cryonics Meetup Day

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Some advantages as I see them.

It's international (which INHO is cool), the notice goes
out to people who aren't on other mailing lists (maybe
more of them if we work on that), it's a fun meeting
just for dinner and socializing with like-minded people
(shorter and doesn't have a business meeting attached).

You seem to think it needs to have a "real" advantage.
Gad, what's the "real" advantage of going to movies or
parties?  It's an opportunity, and if people avail
themselves of it, it will have whatever advantage(s) they
create (or not).  I may just use it as an opportunity to
go out to dinner with friends with whom I have a
particular thing in common -- who knows?

Maybe if you got off your "don't have time" high horse
(oops, diplomacy lapse) and went to
http://cryonics.meetup.com and signed up, or to
http://meetup.com and looked at the info about the
concept, and browsed the topics, you'd have a better idea
what this is about.  I think it's really cool -- YMMV.

Hara Ra wrote:
> Um, this is in some ways confusing. The Bay Area Cryo group used to meet 
> monthly, and about 2 years ago changed to a quarterly status. What is 
> the real, if any, advantage of this Meetup thing?
> At 08:39 PM 9/5/2003, Kennita Watson wrote:
>> Hara Ra/Andrea:
>> I'm forwarding this to exi-bay and cryonet, because I
>> imagine some other people have the same misapprehensions
>> you have, and it doesn't seem to contain any confidential
>> information.
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