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Williams' daughter OK'd decapitation
Wire Reports

September 7, 2003

NEW YORK   As if the details of Ted Williams' frozen remains in an Arizona
cryonics lab haven't been unseemly enough, it has now come to light that the
Hall of Fame slugger's daughter gave the go-ahead to have Williams

According to documents obtained by the New York Daily News, Williams'
daughter Claudia signed off on a form from the Alcor Life Extension
Foundation that gave the cryonics firm the legal right to decapitate her
father. Williams' body was consigned to the cryonics facility by Claudia and
his son John Henry on July 5, 2002, the day he died of heart disease.

In the "open option plan" on page 15 in the documents obtained by the News,
Claudia Williams initialed and signed her consent, allowing Alcor the option
of "neuro suspension" of Williams' head. According to sources, Alcor
performed the decapitation procedure within 48 hours after Williams' body
was sent to their Scottsdale, Ariz. lab.

Months later, John Henry Williams produced a handwritten will, signed Nov.
2, 2001 (which another daughter Bobbi Jo contested in vain), in which Ted
Williams purportedly stated his wishes to be put in cryonics suspension
along with his two children, Claudia and John Henry. However, it has since
been learned that neither John Henry nor Claudia ever signed up to be
cryongenically frozen with their father.

In the meantime, Claudia Williams remains on the board of directors of the
Ted Williams Museum in Hernando, Fla., and there has been speculation that
other members of the board have become increasingly repulsed by the
continuing gruesome revelations regarding the circumstances in which he has
been placed by his two children.

"It's absolutely appalling what they've done to this legend," said one
member of the board who asked not to be identified.

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