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From: "michaelprice" <>
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Subject: Resignation and instability
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 08:35:31 +0100

My thanks to Charles Platt for enunciating his mostly 
negative -- but sadly correct -- observations on cryonics 
personnel.  I, too, have also decided to resign my Alcor 
membership, which is quite a wrench as one of the 
founders of UK cryonics, for the reasons Charles listed 
and for other personal reasons, and, likewise, will not be 
joining any other organisation for the foreseeable future.

Enough said about the reasons Charles listed, except to 
say that these factors seem to be magnified when cryonics 
organisations try to operate trans-nationally.  It no secret 
that the Chamberlains' treatment of the non-USA parts
of Alcor was a complete disaster.  They convinced me that
the only viable, long-term cryonics organisations are local, 
national organisations, with their own storage capabilities.

My own personal reasons relate to my increasing confidence 
that the anti-aging life extension techniques already available 
are a more cost effective way of achieving immortality 
than cryonics.  My exposure to cryonics, over 20 years 
ago, coincided with my interest in practical anti-aging 
interventions; I started taking megadoses of B-vitamins 
before I signed up with Alcor.  See 
for my current thoughts on this.  I should know whether 
they are slowing my aging processes by the time I reach 
50 (just over 6 years away!).  If I'm wrong, well I hope 
there will be an independent UK cryonics organisation 
by then (but I doubt it).

Michael C Price

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