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Subject: How Soon will we be Able to Control Aging?
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 11:38:16 -0400

Biomarkers of Aging: Do they hold the key in the search for the fountain of 
October 28, 2003, 10 am EST 
David Harrison, The Jackson Lab vs. Roderick Bronson, Harvard Medical School

Moderator: Morton Kondracke 

Research is moving forward to uncover interventions to slow or reverse the 
effects of aging. With the public hungry for results, there is great attention 
on how we will be able to test outcomes from these new discoveries and gauge our
longevity. This debate will address whether a "gold standard " measure of aging
can be found and whether the resources needed for the search are a worthwhile 

Join us at George Washington University, Cafritz Center, Morris Room or online 
at www.SAGECrossroads.net

How Soon will we be Able to Control Aging?
November 5, 2003 11am 

Aubrey de Grey, University of Cambridge vs. Richard Sprott, Ellison Medical 

Moderator: Morton Kondracke

While headlines blast announcements of discoveries that delay the aging process,
how soon can we expect these discoveries to go from the lab to our medicine 
cabinets? Find out whether there is hope or just hype that we will be able to 
significantly increase our life spans in the next century. 

Join us at AAAS Auditorium, 1200 New York Avenue, Washington, DC or online at 

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