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Subject: Re: Dietary supplement abolishes age-related cognitive decline (CryoNet
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> Subject: Re: CryoNet #22714: dietary supplement abolishes
age-related cognitive decline

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> The above sounds an awful lot like Bruce Ames work
> with L-acetyl carnatine.  Note that the item never
> actually identifies the "dietary supplement".

The composition of the supplement they called AASUP
(for anti-aging supplement) is published in the paper
"A Dietary Supplement Abolishes Age-Related Cognitive
Decline in Transgenic Mice Expressing Elevated Free
Radical Processes" by J.A. Lemon, D.R. Boreham, and
C.D. Rollo in: Experimental Biology and Medicine 228:
800-810 (2003).

Since it includes 31 components it was hardly possible
to list them all in an abstract. Here is Table 1 from the

Table I. Formulation of a Dietary Supplement Designed
to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammation, Maintain
Membrane  and  Mitochondrial  Integrity, and Enhance
Insulin Sensitivity

Vitamin B1                   0.72 mg/day
Vitamin B3                   0.72 mg/day
Vitamin B6                   0.72 mg/day
Vitamin B12                  0.72 mcg/day
Vitamin C                    3.6 mg/day
Vitamin D                    2.5 IU/day
Vitamin E                    1.44 IU/day
Acetyl L-Carnitine           14.4 mg/day
Alpha-Lipoic Acid            0.72 mg/day
ASA                          2.5 mg/day
Beta Carotene                50.0 IU/day
Bioflavinoids                 4.32 mg/day
Chromium Picolinate          1.44 mcg/day
Cod Liver Oil                5.04 IU/day
CoEnzyme Q10                 0.44 mg/day
DHEA                         0.15 mg/day
Flax Seed oil                21.6 mg/day
Folic Acid                   0.01 mg/day
Garlic                       21.6 mcg/day
Ginger                       7.2 mg/day
Gingko Biloba                 1.44 mg/day
Ginseng (Canadian)            8.64 mg/day
Green Tea Extracts            7.2 mg/day
L-Glutathione                0.36 mg/day
Magnesium                    0.72 mg/day
Melatonin                    0.01 mg/day
N-Acetyl Cysteine            7.2 mg/day
Potassium                    0.36 mg/day
Rutin                        0.72 mg/day
Selenium                     1.08 mcg/day
Zinc (chelated)              0.14 mg/day

Vitamin brands are: Cell Life; Jamieson vitamins;  Jarrow
Formulas;  Lifebrand; Natural Factors;  Naka;  Promatrix;
Swiss vitamins; Vitamin Power Inc.

One should remember that the experiment was performed
with transgenic mice overexpressing growth hormone (TGM)
and its results are  NOT  necessary applicable to wild-type

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