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From: "Igor Artyuhov" <>
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Subject: Re: TGM vs wild-type humans (CryoNet #22739)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 14:00:57 +0300

Hello, James!
You wrote to <> on 27 Oct 2003 10:00:00 -0000:

IA>> +0400 age-related cognitive decline [skipped]  One should remember
IA?>> that the experiment was performed with transgenic mice overexpressing
IA>> growth hormone (TGM) and its results are  NOT  necessary applicable to
IA>> wild-type humans.
 C> Igor and Doug,

 C> How might this over expression be mimicked in "wild-type humans"? Could
 C> taking HGH approximate it? Are any of the non injectible varieties of
 C> HGH on the market worthy?

In fact, TGM have been chosen for the experiment because
"TGM were confirmed to be superior to normal mice upon
maturity. Older TGM, however, showed rapid age-related
loss of their exceptional learning, whereas normal mice at 1
year of age showed little change." So, I'd think twice before
mimiking HGH overexpression ...

Igor Artyuhov

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