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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
Subject: global warming
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:47:23 -0000

Many of us concerned that effort spent on trying to control global warming
may divert funding away from the problem  of individual ageing and death
will get a boost from the article on
concerning unusually violent events on the sun.

which includes the comment

>>The findings may stoke the controversy over the contribution of the Sun to
global warming. Usoskin and his team are reluctant to be dragged into the
debate, but their work will probably be seized upon by those who claim that
temperature rises over the past century are the result of changes in the
Sun's output (New Scientist, print edition, 12 April 2003). The link between
the Sun's magnetic activity and the Earth's climate is, however, unclear.<<

Observations elsewhere in the solar system also suggest warming could be
occurring on the planet Mars and even as far out as the moons of Jupiter and

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