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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 21:47:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Christine Gaspar <>
Subject: Christmas / Winter party


Hello everyone,

     As some of you know, I will be throwing a Christmas / winter party at my 
     condo, for the Cryonics Society of Canada. I would also like to extend this
     invitation to any cryonicist, or potential cryonicist that might be in the
     neighbourhood at that time. I am extending this invitation to members of 
     CI or Alcor who would like to come visit Toronto, as well as cryonicists in
     the Montreal area, which we have recently met.

     I have received 2 RSVPs, and I ask that if you would like to attend, to 
     please send me a quick e-mail. I need a sense of how many people will be 
     coming to organize the appropriate resources. The date is tentatively set 
     for December 27th. The only reason it might change, is if I cannot book the
     party room for that date. I will find out over the next few days if I can 
     reserve that room or not.

     It would be great to meet as many cryonicists as I can, and nourish a 
     greater sense of community between all of us. There is, of course, strength
     in numbers, and I think that a party will be an excellent way of 
     celebrating our accomplishments this year, and strengthening our resolve. 
     Perhaps on this day, we can present a fully furnished, mobile, standby 
     unit- trailer and all. This will be the first step towards creating a 
     strong, permanent cryonics presence in Toronto.
Yours truly,
Christine Gaspar,
President, Cryonics Society of Canada


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