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Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 05:49:53 EST
Subject: Urgent request from Suspended Animation, Inc.

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Dear Cryoneters:

I don't know why this has not been posted before.  Just late last week I 
heard from James Clement what is happening in South Florida.  

This affects all of us in the cryonics community VERY directly.  I have not 
secured permission from David Shumaker to reprint this letter, but I think he 
would want this posted in this forum.

Pasting follows:

Dear Cryonics Enthusiast, 
As the president of Suspended Animation, Inc. I am asking you to help us win 
a very important battle, a battle critical to cryonics in Florida as well as 
the entire cryonics community.
As you may know, we are a new cryonics company located in Boca Raton, FL. We 
began operations last year with funding support from the Life Extension 

Foundation. We have been instrumental in the cryosuspension of three Floridians 
a similar number of cryonicists elsewhere in the country. Our primary goal is 
to perform research that will enhance cryonics through whole body 

vitrification and vastly reduced previtrification ischemic damage.  But, we also
you the first response capability that may make the difference between a good 
resuscitation prognosis and oblivion.
SA is the only cryonics organization who plans to perform substantive 

research to improve both control of ischemia and reduction of cryosuspension 
95% of our efforts are directed to research to improve cryonics technology. SA 
is the only company  now providing professional Standby Based Transport to 
ensure you get immediate professional care from the moment of pronouncement. 
Lastly, we are the only organization proposing to provide whole body 

vitrification. We welcome you to look over our website www.suspended.org and 
view how we 

are making a substantial impact on the industry and how we can be of service to
Florida cryonicists.  
We are in a crisis at this moment brought on by the pending refusal of Boca 
Raton to grant us occupancy and building permits and by the State Board of 

Funeral Directors and Embalmers who demand that we become a licensed mortuary.

Unless we can reverse the Boca Raton licensing problem, an entire  two year   s
worth of effort will be wasted as we are forced out of our facility and must 

seek another place from which  to operate, if we can. As I am sure you know, no
cryonics organization has a lot of money to waste and this will come close to 
killing the entire operation.  If we do not win in our battle with the State 
over becoming a licensed mortuary, cryonics will for all practical purposes be 

prohibited in Florida     yes I mean it     forbidden. Mortuaries are forbidden 
treat patients except in the mortuary, thus all of the bedside anti-ischemia 
treatment vital to ensuring brain tissue viability is prohibited. This is only 
one roadblock created by the State   s licensing requirement; there are many 
We desperately need your help in two areas. First, there is a Boca Raton 

Planning and Zoning meeting on Thursday Nov 6 at 6:00 PM, in the Boca Raton City
Hall that will debate our occupancy and building permits. The auditorium has 

300 seats and to the extent they are filled with cryonicists, those in power can
hear a voice for approving our permits. Furthermore, individuals can sign up 
to be heard for five minutes. If the seats are filled with animal rights 

activists and those who hate anything new or unknown, then only their voices 
be heard as they have been so far. We really need you. Unless there is a 

groundswell of support, they are going to recommend to City Council that our 
be denied purely because we are a cryonics organization.
In addition to your help at the meeting we would greatly appreciate it if you 
would send the attached letter (or one similar to it) to the Boca Raton City 
Council at the address below to encourage them to vote for us when the measure 
comes up there later this year. These guys all respond to the voters, and 
those who voice their preference are the only ones heard
Boca Raton City Council
201 West Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Will you help?  Please visit the following links below and send emails 

regarding the importance of the research that SA is conducting and how it is 
by the growing cryonics community in southern Florida.
Send an email to the Mayor of Boca Raton Steven Abrams from his web page  
Send an email to the Deputy Mayor of Boca Raton Susan Whelchel from her web 
Send an email to Counsel Member Susan Haynie from her web page
Send an email to Counsel Member David Freudenberg from his web page
Send an email to Counsel Member Bill Hager from his web page 
Send an email to City Manager Leif Ahnell from his web page 
At the following link www.suspended.org/counselletter.htm you will find the 
letter attached to this document.  Please send all your friends to our website 
and ask them to copy, paste and send the letter also.  Have them send emails, 
make phone calls, anything that ensures SA is not stopped in furthering the 
very important research being done in cryonics.  This is vitally important for 
all cryonics members independent of your membership organization.
We are fighting for our company and the right for cryonics to exist in 
Florida.  This is a matter of life and death for us and you.
David Shumaker

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