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Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 05:52:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Christine Gaspar <>
Subject: Thanks and updates.


     Rudi, thank you as always for your kind words and support. You are an 
     unfailing friend. I'd also like to extend my thanks to all cryonauts for 
     accepting me into your circle, and especially the CSC for their unfailing 

     Its been a strange year for me, both good in the sense of the developments 
     within the CSC, and horrible, with respect to SARS, and a recent personal 
     loss I have experienced. You have been real friends, and I know that with 
     the calibre of people in the cryonics community, our minor setbacks (you 
     know which ones I mean) will not deter us from realizing our long term 

     I am positive that the next year will bring more positive steps for us. The
     CSC (Cryonics Society of Canada) is close to having a mobile standby kit, 
     which will enable more prompt bedside support to deanimating individuals 
     waiting for the arrival of representatives of either Alcor , SAI or CI. In 
     early November, we have been invited to speak to the Unitarian Congregation
     of Toronto about cryonics. As well, this presentation will be attended by 
     Peter Walsh, a relatively high profile journalist from CBC, who is flying 
     from Winnepeg to meet us. As well, it is my hope that the winter party will
     help galvanize Canadian cryonicists and bring new members. I have also 
     recently participated in an interview for Global television network, for a 
     short spot on a weekly show called TKO (Technical Knockout) which is a show
     about science and technology that airs primarily in Western Canada, but 
     apparantly can be found on "Prime TV" which is channel 54 on Rogers Cable 
     in Toronto, Sunday nights

 at 11 pm. I'll be getting a copy of the tape, and when I find out the air date,
 I'll update everyone.

     We had our first "Cryonics Meetup" October 23rd. The next one is scheduled 
     for November 20th, at the Organic Buddha, in Toronto. (unless another site 
     is voted in). I regret having missed the first one, but I hear it was a 
     success. The concept of "meetups" is new to me. Go to the website, and 
     you'll understand the meaning of it. 

          When the dust settles, and when I actually finalize my own cryonics 
          arrangements, I will endeavour to attend an Alcor training session. 
          (with their permission of course). There are a couple others in our 
          group who have demonstrated an interest in getting similar experience.
     Last but definitely not least, I want to commend Ben Best on his tireless 
     efforts, and congratulate him on his recent appointment to the CI 
     presidency. In my opinion, which is definitely shared by pretty much 
     everyone, Ben is cryonics. I can think of no one more deserving or 
     appropriate to follow in the footsteps of Mr Ettinger than he. 

     There is a new e-mail address for the CSC. Its: 

Our website is, for those who don't know it, 

     I'll try to keep everyone up to date on future CSC events and developments 
     as they happen. Now that Ben is in Michigan, Bruce Waugh and Nick Pavlica 
     are snowbirding, I'll take a greater responsibility upon myself to organize
     and report on CSC activities.
That's all for now.
Christine Gaspar

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