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Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 15:25:27 -0500
Subject: Alcor politics

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Thomas Donaldson writes from Australia complaining about the lack of information
regarding court cases and the internal politics of Alcor.

I think any onlooker can see that Alcor is in a precarious position.  Popular 
opinion believes people should be buried or cremated when they die.  The general
public feels there is something obscene about preserving people through 

We saw the media play to these prejudices with the coverage of how Ted Williams 
head was removed from his body.  That was considered "horrible" by the media.  
Yet burning a person up and turning them into nothing but ashes is considered 

As a human cloning activist I have had mixed relationships with the people at 
Alcor.  These have ranged from supportative (on the part of Fred Chamberlain) to
hostile (on the part of spokesmen during the Ted Williams debate).

I strongly support Alcor and the right of anyone to choose cryonics.  I can even
understand why Alcor has to tread carefully and not become involved in too many
issues at one time.  Government officials are poised to jump at any opportunity
to put them out of business.

My experiences with Alcor are detailed in an article I did regarding the Ted 
Williams debate which  is one of the first few articles under "History of the 
Movement" at www.clonerights.com 

Having researched this episode in depth, I was amazed at how the media sided 
with a daughter who Ted Williams had not contact with in his later life and whom
he said he considered "to be dead" against a devoted son who cared for him and 
organized his life around keeping his father happy in his declining years.

Randolfe H. Wicker
Founder, Clone Rights United Front www.clonerights.com 
Spokesperson, Reproductive Cloning Network, www.reproductivecloning.net 
Former CEO, Human Cloning Foundation, www.humancloning.org 
212-255-1439 (3 to 9 Eastern Standard Time)
201-656-3280 (Mornings)


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