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Subject: British TV Documentary
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 15:40:53 -0000


My name is Ian Parton.  I work for a TV production company in the UK called
Brighton Films.  We produce high quality documentaries for UK and US

I am researching a documentary which will sensitively explore the subject of
modern mummification, looking at the current increase in the ammount of
people who are signing up to be mummified and examining the reasons behind
this.  As opposed to cryonic suspension this is a return to the ancient
practises reminiscent of those carried out in ancient Eygypt.

I am  posting this message to ask whether anyone has ever considered this
and would be interested in discussing the program further.  If so please
feel free to e-mail me on 

I appreciate this is an area that should and will be treated with
intelligence and sensitivity.

All the best,

Ian Parton
Producer - Brighton Fims

Ian Parton
Assistant Producer

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