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Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 09:08:54 EST
Subject: Cryonics zoning in Boca

Dear Cryoneters,

I am very disappointed about the Planning and Zoning recommendation vote of 6 
to 0 which will be recommending to the city council that they reject the 
zoning of the Suspended Animation research facility in Boca Raton.  

Like many of you, I wrote letters to all the city council people, the mayor, 
and the city manager, requesting their support of the cryonics facility.  

While it was not possible for me to make the 6 hour trip to Boca for the meeting
last night, I agonized over whether my presence might have made a difference 
somehow, a "tipping point" for the group dynamics of the hearing.  

It turns out it would not have.  Even what surely was articulate and 

compelling testimony by Bill Falloon, David Shumaker, and Ben Best, surely among
most competent advocates, was a non-issue to the P and Z board.  

How could a lease--a five year lease--have been signed without securing the 
zoning requisite?  In a brief call I had with Bill Falloon on Wednesday, he 
said basically, "We thought we had this fixed."  Evidently, the additional 

controversies of Ted Williams and perhaps the CI issues have regenerated 
resistance to cryonics in Boca.

I will clear my calendar no matter what to be at the real decision making 
meeting in Boca in January.  In talking with Falloon, he seemed to think this 
would be the more important meeting, and we will have a meeting with cryonics 
supporters in the afternoon of the meeting date to get organized.  

The parasites...excuse me...regulators...seem to have gotten out of control 
in multiple venues as of late.  From the SEC ruining Martha Stewart, to idiots 
in Michigan regulating CI, to attorneys general attacking WalMart, to NASD 

jerks causing Rudi Hoffman untold grief over an administrative oversight, to the
Boca Raton zoning board...

We must develop a more effective "parasite control" in our society, or the 
real producers of goods and services will be swamped with despair.  The "Atlas 
Shrugged" fiction could become a reality.

Best Regards to all...except regulators...

Rudi Hoffman

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