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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Want to live forever?
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 18:07:27 -0800

Would you like to try to live forever?  

Are you willing to do some little things to help improve the odds that you might
be able to live forever?  If so, read the following:


I have been around the cryonics movement for a while.  I am now convinced that 
people like Robert Ettinger and Ralph Merkle are correct when they express their
beliefs that future technology will be able to bring back patients that are 
being suspended today - if the organizations that are storing them can stay in 
business long enough for that new technology to be developed.  The real 
challenge to cryonics will be in the field of public opinion and attacks on 
cryonics organizations as it begins to seem like cryonics might work.  Recent 
events should show this.  Suspended Animation was turned down in Florida.  
Cryonics Institute has problems in Michigan.  I feel confident they will work 
things out, but the bureaucrats and politicians (in a more perfect world) should
not even challenge what we are doing.  Alcor had similar problems in California
before they moved to Arizona.

The real challenge to cryonics and the prospect of physical immortality is in 
the arena of public opinion.  If we can do a good job there, walls will come 
down and bridges will go up.   Some of you readers may know that there is a 
magazine called PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY that is published by THE VENTURISTS.  It is
published by a company that has no financial gain when someone is suspended.  
It is full of upbeat articles that do not offend the non-cryonics public, in 
fact they are persuasive.   This magazine now has a toe hold in the world.  
Besides our list of subscribers (mostly cryonicists), the magazine is now 
available in retail magazine shops.  And managing editor, John Grigg, is 
negotiating with amazon.com to get it made available there.  John is also 
seeking out other distributors.  You can help the cryonics movement through 
efforts combined with this magazine in the following ways:

1.    Send a submission for the next issue by November 25th (1 to 3 pages) to 
editor, Mike Perry at  

Keep all submissions upbeat and non-offensive to the non-cryonics public.  Mike 
reserves the right to pick and choose what submissions he uses.  He also 
reserves the right to edit any submissions.  So far, Mike has produced two very 
good magazines.  (you can buy back copies).

2.    Buy a subscription for 2004.   Send your name and address and $24 to The 
Venturists,   11255 State Route 69,  Mayer AZ 86333.

3.    Buy some gift subscriptions for your friends  -  it is the Xmas season.  
Send $24 and the name and address to each friend you want to have a gift 
subscription to above address.

4.    Send a donation to The Venturists at the above address to help us 
underwrite the cost of producing the magazine.

5.    Go into any Border's magazine store and ask the manager if they have 
PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY in stock. If they do, buy a copy.  If they don't ask the 
manager to ask his/her "news stand buyer" to order some magazines for stock from
the distributor "Desert Moon" in New Mexico.  The news stand buyer will know 
who Desert Moon is because they buy other magazines from them.

6.    Feel free to do the same  with other magazine stores.  We would love to 
get in to Barnes and Noble.

Here is your chance to help PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY  help change the odds for you.
We are in the process of reaching new prospects for our movement.  We are 
trying to do so without offending those who do not hold our views.  We need your

Any additional ideas or suggestions, please send them to me.

David Pizer, President
The Venturists

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