X-Message-Number: 22792
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 09:29:32 -0500
From: Keith Henson <>
Subject: CryoNet Archives

This morning I was looking for something related to replying to a post here 
and got this message from Keith Lynch when I logged into his archive site:


Cryonet Archives

In recent years, my archives of the Cryonet email list have gotten more 
complaints than praise. Several people have asked (or in some cases 
demanded) that I remove or alter certain postings.

Since I refuse to remove or alter anything, I have taken the archives down. 
I will restore them if I get more request for restoration than I got 
complaints. You can email me at 

Unfortunately, I've been forced to heavily filter my email, due to utterly 
insane volumes of spams, viruses, worms, dos attacks, etc.

If your email doesn't contain HTML, doesn't contain any spammish words or 
phrases, isn't from a site in the MAPS DUL or MAPS RBL, and isn't from 
Argentina, China, Korea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, or Taiwan (countries whose 
sole exports appear to be billions upon billions upon billions of spams), I 
should get it, and I should respond within a week. If I don't respond 
within a week, assume I didn't see it, and please try again. Thanks.

Archives taken down November 4th, 2003.

This page last updated November 4th, 2003.


If you use this resource or want it online, I suggest writing to him and 
ask Keith L to put it back up.  Nicely please.  If you really want this 
institutional memory resource to be available, you could even offer to help 
pay for it.  I did.

Keith Henson

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