X-Message-Number: 22796
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 10:15:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: impact of the most famous cryonicist

 The most famous cryonicist was Ted Williams. For years there has been
hope that a truly famous person would throw his/her hat into the cryonics
camp, raise the public awareness of cryonics, and accrue massive
"benefits" to this small cottage industry. Earlier an attempt to lure
Timothy Leary into the fold floundered, and it wasn't until Ted Williams
was frozen that "success" was acheived.
 The fallout of this "success" has been an unmitigated diaster where all
cryonics related companies have come under regulatory threat. Suspended
Animation may be shut down by animal activists. CI has been temporarily
shut down, and Alcor's president has fallen, and this company is now also
under acute threat, with a serious attempt at a shut down expected from
this corner.
 In retrospect I submit that the above or a similar sequence of negative
events was inevitable after the first truly famous person was suspended.

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Saul Kent           3,470      0.004
Mike Darwin         5,130      0.006
Robert Ettinger     5,830      0.007
Thomas Donaldson   11,800      0.013
Ben Best           13,100      0.014
Timothy Leary      76,800      0.09
Ted Williams      125,000      0.14
Princess Diana    221,000      0.25
Elvis Presley     895,000      1
Marilyn Monroe  1,480,000      1.65
Tom Cruise      1,700,000      1.90
George Bush     1,750,000      1.96
Britney Spears  2,770,000      3.09

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