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Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 23:47:58 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Political ramifications for Boca bums.
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>Message #22786
>Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 09:08:54 EST
>Subject: Cryonics zoning in Boca
>Dear Cryoneters,
>I am very disappointed about the Planning and Zoning recommendation vote of 6 
>to 0 which will be recommending to the city council that they reject the 
>zoning of the Suspended Animation research facility in Boca Raton.  
Perhaps they'll have a change of heart when they learn how much work 
they are going to be faced with, oh and not to mention trouble, bad 
press, ill will and political difficulty that could cut short their careers.

It's quite simple really. SA simply must demand that the standard they 
are being applied with be equally and fairly applied to their peers.

SA is not a mortuary services. They do not prepare bodies for viewing by 
loved ones. They do not prepare bodies in a deliberate manner that slows 
deterioration just long enough for memorial services but allows the body 
to, indeed requires it to, rot at a rate that slows the leaching of 
rotten material into the water table. Such rotting is planned into the 
process for the purpose of reclaiming cemetery space many years hence. 
SA is trying to preserve human remains so as to prevent rot. SA does not 
perform memorial services for family and friends of the deceased and 
indeed treats it's charges as patients.

Like hospital morgues, hospital laboratories, medical teaching 
establishments and private research laboratories, SA stores human 
remains in a manner to prevent rot for facilitation of experimentation, 
manipulates human remains for same and accepts human remains via the 
Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. This is doneby all, SA and peers, for the 
purpose of experimentation into the advancement of medical technology 
which the ultimate goal of is the pursuit of methods of preserving human 

SA's peers then are apparently already mistakenly zoned if the Boca 
Raton P & Z is of the opinion that the activities SA is involved in 
classify them as a mortuary service. Storage of tissue in liquid 
nitrogen can be found at SA and any of SA's peers. Manipulation of human 
remains, cutting, slicing, drilling, etc. can be found at both SA and 
any of SA's peers. Treatment of human remains with chemical compounds 
can be found at SA and at any of SA's peers. The list of comparison goes 
on and on.

In civil law it is often the preponderance of evidence that rules the 
day. In my humble opinion then the preponderance of evidence is that SA 
has nothing in common with mortuaries and everything in common with 
experimental labs, hospital labs and morgue, university teaching and 
research labs or facilities and many more.

SA must demand that fairness prevail and that all of Boca Raton's 
private and university research and teaching labs, hospital labs and 
morgue all be reclassified s mortuaries and then rezoned and as 
necessary caused to move to proper zoned areas as per Boca Raton P & Z 

I recommend Jerry Spence for a civil lawyer in this matter if he is 
still available.


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