X-Message-Number: 22808
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 10:29:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Randall Burns <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #22792 - #22803

I tend to see your point about avoiding the media. The
man that I know that got more media attention than
anyone else once said: "When I do something that gets
my name in the papers, I start to do something else"
What I would really like to see here:
Cryonics storage facilities in a variety of locations
and a market in which folks can insure against
problems with their  suspension. Now, I understand
that isn't an immediate practical option. What we have
though is a serious, long term planning issue.
>Just an idea for the "real" future, since China is
the future and we all must face this.. Yes, my wife
and I would not mind being suspended in China, or
wherever. We just want to be suspended where we are
secure and "know" that Cryonics is going to be able to
continue to work to bring us safely back into a
welcoming environment, not one that will look at us
with the present evil contempt in our society..
There _is_ an idea that China would be the next major
technological power. I personally tend to think Russia
is a more likely option BTW simply because any Russian
government _has_ to be able to face up to a Chinese
government militarily if it wants any hope at
political autonomy-which means they can't afford to
treat their technologists as disposable
commodities(also keep in mind the technology for the
latest space launch from China was purchased from
Russia). Right now, Russia is in bad shape, but I
think they are closer to discussing fundamental
problems than the English Speaking countries are.  
The right wing is in a strange situation with the rise
of fundamentalist Christianity. Strangely, the Islamic
world seems considerably more friendly to stuff like
stem cell research and therapeutic cloning than the
We in Cryonics are caught beween a rock and a hard
place. The fundies hate cryonics because of its attack
on Judeo-Christian norms and the role step-cell
research/cloning might play in real rejuvenation.
Elements of the extreme environmentalists see Cryonics
as tied up with "pro-growth" anti-environmentalist
attitudes. Now, of these groups I suspect we are more
likely to be able to reason with the Greens than the
fundies-but both are going to be hard nuts to crack. 

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