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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 09:58:56 EST
Subject: Will copy Cryofeast notice to TX cryonauts

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Subject: Fwd: PARTY! CryoFeast 2004 - Austin


>You are cordially invited to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation's Annual
>CryoFeast 2003 potluck Thanksgiving Celebration!
>Where?  10709 Pointe View Drive
>                 Austin, TX 78738
>When?   Saturday, December 13th
>                 3:00 PM - Onward  (bring your sleeping bag if you are 
> travelling a distance, or not -:)
>What to bring?  Your favorite delicious dish to compliment the main course.
>                 (Salads, potatoes, pies, vegetables entirely welcome.)
>RSVP            512 263-2749 or 
See you then!


This is Rudi Hoffman writing from Port Orange, FL.  

While I cannot attend above, I will, with your permission, copy and email to 
all of the cryonics clients I have in the State of TX.  

Most of them probably do not read Cryonet.  

In the best of all possible worlds ALCOR and CI would have mechanisms in 

place to help enable publicity for such events.  I will copy this email, also, 
Jennifer to see if she and/or her staff could help publicize event.  It is 
just a matter of filtering for TX members and prospects, and emailing and/or 
snail mailing them.  Wise use of resources, IMO.

Cryonics gatherings are of vital importance, especially in the rather hostile 
regulatory environment we are in.  It is imperative that we develop networks 
and relationships with like minded futurnauts.  This is best done in live 
"meatspace," much better than mere "virtual presence."  There is still no 

substitute for looking people in the eye and sharing a meal for creating life 
long term relationships.

Thank you and others who are taking a proactive and leadership role in making 
these happen.  

I would like to see a SOUTHEAST CRYONICS GATHERING developed this Spring.  
The last one we had was excellent, with Dr. Jerry Lemler coming, staying at my 

home for several days, and having a great meeting in Orlando.  It is helpful to
have a "headliner" conversant with the latest developments to be a draw for a 
great meeting.

What may suffice this Winter is a meeting tentatively planned in January in 
Boca to have a cryonics presence at the Boca City Council meeting.  We could 

meet perhaps at Life Extension Foundation meeting room in the afternoon previous
to and in preparation for meeting that evening.  I don't know the date of 
Council meeting, so I can't publicize this yet.

Best Regards to all,

Rudi Hoffman

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