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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 11:49:43 -0800 (PST)
From: cryofan andrew <>
Subject: Media Coverage


Hello, dear Cryoneters, Cryonicists and Cryofans,

Mass circulation media has recently covered the radical life extension idea 
quite well.  As old man Karl Marx taught us (at least those of us who come from 
the former communist countries) - an idea becomes a powerful historic force when
it is embraced by the masses (and mass circulation magazines, I'd add to that).

BTW, I think former communist countries could be a fertile ground for cryonics 
and cryonics research since they are not as religious as America is and the 
level of science is still pretty good.

I'd say move Suspended Animation from Boca Raton to Saint Petersburg (as in 
Russia not Florida). You can pay top biologists there $500 - $600 a month and 
they would be happy.

Readers Digest's November issue has this on the cover - "The New Pill That Can 
End Aging" (http://www.rd.com/inthisissue.jhtml?contentId=9526974)

Discover magazine has put "How Long Can The Human Body Last?" on its cover 

The New York Times of November 11 - "Could We Live Forever?" 
Best regards,
Comrade Andre Borisov

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