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From: "Reason" <>
Subject: RE:A Jew on the way to the Death Camp
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 02:46:03 -0800

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> From: "David Pizer" <>
> Subject: A Jew on the way to the Death Camp
> Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:15:22 -0800
> Hi Cryofriends
> Did you ever wonder what it felt like to be  a Jew in a boxcar on
> the way to the Death Camps?
> Lately I have been taking some bioethics classes at Arizona State
> University and that's the way I feel lately.  Almost every major
> leader in the bioethics movement presently is against cryonics
> and the prospect of extended life beyond what they call normal.
> We have to change that attitude or we will all be like Jews in a
> Nazi controled state.
> We will be discussing ways that cryonicists can try to chance the
> way the majority of people today feel about cryonics and extended
> lifespan.  We now have our own site. Tune in and read.  Post your
> thoughts.

You might want to drop James Hughes a line
(http://www.changesurfer.com/Hughes.html); he posted a couple of notes and
links to articles recently on the WTA list regarding the state of infighting
within bioethics. There are bioethicists who are challenging the more well
known figures and their hostile, anti-research views.

Still, bioethics is mostly corrupt and unnecessary, in my view. It's reached
that self-justifying, self-sustaining parasitic stage, sucking money from
actual medical research. Society-wide discussions on complex medical
research happened just fine before there were bioethicists and multi-million
dollar bioethics faculties paying staff six figure wages to figure out what
promising developments to rant against next.


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