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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 08:21:35 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Hiding from potential enemies of immortalism wont work [ALERT]

The following books were all found when I stumbled upon this man's 
review of a Leon Kass book [Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity: 
The Challenge for Bioethics] during some research on Kass I am doing. 
Find his reviews at Amazon and see what I believe we are soon to be up 
against, a rising tide of myopic religious bigotry against immortalism.

Bill Muehlenberg's Reviews: [note double quotes indicate a quotation 
taken from the book being reviewed]

[begin quoted material]

Cutting-Edge Bioethics: A Christian Exploration of Technologies and 
Trends (Horizon in Bioethics Series Book)


"Indeed, many of the authors in this book remind us that the staggering 
new advances in science and technology are radically shifting our 
understanding of what it is to be a human. Humanity and personhood are 
under serious threat, with one author going so far as to suggest that 
"mortal human beings are rapidly becoming an endangered species"."

Bioengagement: Making a Christian Difference Through Bioethics Today 
(Horizons in Bioethics Series)


"Bio-ethics is a new and burgeoning field, effecting all of us. Issues 
like human cloning, genetic engineering, assisted reproductive 
technologies, genetically modified foods, and embryo research are just 
some of the contentious areas which are making an impact on so many of 
us. Therefore it is important that those with religious convictions 
bring their concerns to bear on the new and weighty issues being debated.

Too often such debates have been left to the scientists, medical 
professionals, politicians and even the corporations to sort through. 
And often these folk bring to bear a secular utilitarian worldview on 
such issues. But these important matters should not be left for our 
politicians and scientists to decide upon. People with a religious 
worldview very much need to raise their voices as well."

""It is in bioethics, that point of intersection of the professions, the 
academy, and public policy, in which the dignity of the human being is 
constantly open to re-definition, and in which most of the best in our 
inheritance - medicine, science, the professional idea - is coming under 
withering fire from those whose values are radically distinct from the 
Judeo-Christian tradition. Our failure at the start of the new 
millennium to engage the culture in a degree which mirrors the size of 
our churches is distressing. Our failure in this realm of bioethics is 
particularly discouraging, since it is here that the assumptions of 
post-Christians are shaping their idea of what it is to be one of us. 
Conversely, our opportunity to make a difference at this point is immense.""

Genetic Turning Points: The Ethics of Human Genetic Intervention 
(Critical Issues in Bioethics Series)


"Writing from a Christian perspective, Peterson is able to discuss in 
detail the intricacies of genetic engineering without bogging the reader 
down in an overly technical fashion. He examines a number of the 
controversial issues: genetic testing, genetic screening, genetic 
surgery, genetic patents, genetic drugs, and genetic manipulation. While 
acknowledging the tremendous potential for good that the new genetic 
frontiers can offer, he is also keenly aware of the potential dangers 
and pitfalls"

"While both components are nicely wedded in this volume, his conclusions 
on some matters - such as aspects of IVF - may not necessarily please 
everyone. And on some issues - for example, when does human life begin? 
- he carefully lays out the options without fully committing himself"

""Genetics does not so much make us automatically better as it can make 
us more capable. Genetic intervention, like many technologies, frees us 
from some constraints and increases our abilities and choices. Pursued 
as an end in itself it is at best a distraction, and when all-consuming, 
idolatry. If all we manage to do is relieve physical suffering and to 
control our physical world in the finest degree, our potential will be 

As you can see not only is Muehlenberg rabidly anti transhuman tech but 
so also seem to be these books aimed at a Christian and the religious 
minded audience. No doubt they will make the rounds and become widely 
read and so I must put forth the question, in these circles, who speaks 
for us?

If I could write to this man I would hasten to ask, "Why must the 
Christians butt their noses into this?". If they believe they will end 
up in heaven and that their god is soon to return why bother messing 
things up for everyone else? It's like the same with abortion, if one 
believes it to be wrong, THEN DON'T DO IT! Teach your children to 
believe as you do and stop being the moral taskmaster for your neighbor! 
Oh, but they will surely counter, "but who speaks for the unborn?". To 
which I say, if their god is so great then surely he does and surely 
that aborted 'alleged person' just got a free ticket to heaven without 
chance of screwing it up! What is it that they fear about the new life 
extending tech, not being able to die and thereby reach heaven unless 
accomplished via suicide, or is it the possibility that the churches 
will empty when people no longer fear death? If so then they don't 
understand religion or the religious. They must think human science is 
stronger than their god.

[end quoted material]

Hiding from potential enemies of immortalism wont work. As can be seen 
above vastly dangerous to us opinions are already forming. Staying 
silent and unnoticed is only inviting the worst, to be steam rolled over 
without a whimper in our favor. While we still have a voice we need to 
tell how great or dream is for everyone so that those that will listen 
get a chance to hear it before either we are permanently silenced or the 
opportunity to achieve the dream is forever lost.


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responsibility for personal and humanity's survival to unseen mystical agents, 
while they remained ill and dying.

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