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Subject: Re: Location of cryogenic facility
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 07:56:43 -0800

In Message #22843, Dr. James Hughes writes,

>After noting the terrible and, yes stupid, controversy about a cryogenic
physical plant, in either Russia or the US, it occurred to me that there is 
stable, libertarian government entrenched in the Dominican Republic.  The 
enjoyed increasing stability lately with a boon in tourism and ex-pats from
Europe and the US.  It is a "hands-off" government.  The country is easily
accessable from both Europe and the US and geologically stable.  This may be 
plausible location to consider.
James Hughes, MD

Recent news stories about the Dominican Republic don't make the place seem 
so appealing:

Dominican president orders end to blackout
11/14/2003 8:43 AM
By: Associated Press

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- The Dominican Republic president has 
ordered his economic advisers to quickly solve the threat of a complete 
power blackout.

Dominican protests turn violent

Heavily armed police patrolled the capital
Clashes between police and protesters across the Dominican Republic have 
left at least six people dead, reports say.

Rights Group Wants Strikers' Deaths Probed

Varsha Gupta d'Souza

Human rights group Amnesty International is demanding a full and impartial 
enquiry after six people were killed and many injured in a general strike 
over severe energy cuts and rising prices in the Dominican Republic.

Mark Plus

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