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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 11:55:07 EST
Subject: cryonics making strange bedfellows? Dangerous, burn before reading.

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My sense is that therapeutic cloning may be a major
part of what makes cryonics practical(anyone that has
more expertise in this area please correct me if I'm
wrong). It sounds like the Islamic clergy may be
taking a position that might evolve into something
sympathetic to cryonics.

(Rudi Hoffman writing)

The above is certainly an interesting speculation.  And seems unlikely and 

counterintuitive.  However, we can clearly see that "common sense" as most of us
would define it is no longer the dominant condition in much of modern human 
activity...and regulation.

Just as a bit of humor that could result from above issue.  Could you picture 
a scenario where the "Islamic clerics" (Generally fundamentalist whackos 
making our fundamentalist whackos look rational) would endorse cryonics?  Yet 
another reason for the Christian right to continue the modern version of the 
Crusades we are currently potentially engaged in.  Yeehaa!  

And some cynics say there is no such thing as fundamental human progress.  
lol.  (actually, LOL a little sadly.)

BTW, to add my two cents to the comments by Dave Pizer, I think his "Jew on 
the way to the deathcamp" analogy is powerful, emotive, and not too far from 
the mark.  

When the bioethicists, (AKA "biodeathisists) disagree with me/us on such a 

foundational principle as "a long and healthy life is a good thing to be pursued
aggressively and rationally", we have a problem.  

And a larger problem if these idiots foist their neo-luddite agendas by force 
and gunpoint at us.  While it is probably too early to call for this, and we 
must be circumspect for now, armed insurection against such "neo-nazis" may be 

I am beginning to understand the frustration that drove Patrick Henry to 
outlandish quotes which the patina of history and repetition have softened but 
were radical and outlandish then and now.  "Give me liberty or give me death.  
Live free or die."  

The sad experiences of the last few weeks have made it abundantly clear that 
"being a nice guy, being ethical and honest, being competent and hard working 
and intelligent, etc." is far from sufficient to leading a happy life.  We 

must have courage, and a willingness to confront aggressive ignorance with quiet
but resolute determination.

And force if necessary.  Sorry if this email gets me jail.  I won't let my 
wife read it, as she encourages me to "keep a low profile."

Kindest regards to my friends on this list.  And death...or at least a short 
leash...to modern day nazis.  

Rudi Hoffman

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