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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Which country is cryonics legal.
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 20:02:32 -0800

Someone asked "Which country is cryonics legal in?"        Its legal in the 
United States.

The have been court cases in California where the judge ruled that death 
certificates have to be issue to cryonics patients and that cryonics could 
continue even though there is no "cryonics" box to check on death certificates.
Thank you Judge Munoz.

In Scottsdale Arizona, the Mayor of the town welcomed Alcor's president when we 
moved here, invited President Bridge up to his office and had a nice 
conversation with him.   The local hospitals and hospices treat Alcor in a 
professional manner.

Things in that respect are not so bad for cryonics right now as the media might 
want people to think.  

The real problem lies in the future when bioethic movement leaders try to outlaw
cryonics.  In the meantime they are trying to outlaw things that reanimation of
cryonics patients will count on, like cloning human body parts.

We need to plan for the future.  Moving from USA is not an option at present 
unless someone was willing to risk several million dollars for start up and 
continue to risk a slow growth for a decade.    Most cryonics members are 
citizens of the USA and don't want to be stored in a foreign country.  That may 
change someday.  It would be good for the movement for several groups to start 
up in different coutries, but there is a lot of financial risk to that.  
Remember, those of us who helped start or develop the cryonics companies did so 
not as a good financial investment but because no one else wanted to do it.  

I believe that there are ways to make a profit in the cryonics business but no 
one is doing it right now.


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