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Re: 22856 & James Swayze

Thank you for your sincere logic about China. All individiuals that are involved
in large corporate structures, large economic situations for the future, large 
investment firms, all acknowledge, all know, all are aware that they must and 
are presently seeking investments and partnerships with Asia, especially China.
Fact: The U.S. cannot continue to be a world leader, be the #1 power without 
China as a mutual friend and all the politicians and corporations know this.  
So, who is more powerful, the Judeo/Christian right wing or the conglomerates 
$$$$ $$????? Answer: conglomerates. Cryonics should immediately become active in
China, not little countries, not little economies, not Russia, etc. RE: The 
U.S. & China in the very near future will be one (1) interwoven military and 
capitilist country, nothing has ever been like this in the past.   "Give me 
liberty or Death", the present policy/attitude would be to continue to give you 
death.   Just read what James Swayze said about China and stem cell.....Very, 
very soon thousands of people will be going to China for stem cells, and it's 
only the very beginning.  Wake up to this reality, just like we all woke up 
years ago about Cryonics, but we continue to face a very  niave' and dangerous 
society.  China will never forget the circumstances that let to the Christian 
Boxer Rebellion, and this will assist all of us.  You might think all the latter
very radical, but others think Cryonics is a little radical, but we know 
better. Yes, it's a gigantic step mentally and physically, but a more secure one
for the living future. Here, right here,  there will be terrorism, revolution, 
massive violence, plus the religious fanatics. China is a very self disciplined 
society, both genetically, and politically. They never asked the world for there
poor, uneducated, criminal elements to work in there factories, hotels, etc. 
Genetically it is just plan safer for all of us.  Yes, I do love America, but I 
love Cryonics, my wife and my future longer life more.

Message #22856
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:14:32 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: U.S. Mom Finds [stem] Cells to Help Ailing Child [in China]

U.S. Mom Finds Cells to Help Ailing [Chinese] Child

Sun Nov 16, 9:20 AM By STEPHANIE HOO, Associated Press Writer


BEIJING - Twice in one year, an American woman journeyed across the 
ocean on the most urgent of missions: seeking rare cells for the 
bone-marrow transplant that could save her adopted Chinese daughter's 
life. As each day passed, success seemed less likely.......

.......Wells had come to China looking for Kailee's biological family, 
who would be most likely to provide suitable cells. The cells at 
Tianjin's Union Stem Cell and Gene Engineering Ltd. from a local 
1-year-old girl might well fit the bill, though the girl isn't related 
to Kailee.

China has no problems with doing stem cell and other related research. 
This was cord cells but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Our 
presidential administration is endangering US and western nations 
technological superiority as are the voices of dissent against stem cell 
and SCNT and like research. It's really too bad we don't live under a 
cold war anymore because these voices may well be seen as treasonous. 
They will be looked back upon as so. The US current administration is 
endangering our lives and well being in ways they seem unable to even 


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are allowed to prescribe and research, with the consent of their patients. Those
who understand this are strongly encouraged to modify this to fit their 
personality, and add this to their signature file, and organize to recover our 
freedom from Big Brother. For those who wait until they are sick, it will be too
late. Those who suffer from diseases which might have been cured by advanced 
medical research or schedule 1 drugs banned by Big Brother, have the right to 
hold accountable those who sat on their hands or worse, deferred their 
responsibility for personal and humanity's survival to unseen mystical agents, 
while they remained ill and dying.

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