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From: randy <>
Subject: lowlife newspaper columnist takes shot at cryonics
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:10:01 -0600
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From this url from a Sarasota FL newspaper


we get this smug, disgusting shot at cryonics from David Grimes,
lowlife newspaper columnist:



Speaking of dead things, you may (or more likely may not) want to
spend your next vacation visiting Nederland, Colo., especially if you
can time your visit to coincide with the town's annual Frozen Dead Guy
Days. Grandpa Bredo died in 1989 at age 101 but his grandson, a
follower of cryonics, had him frozen in hopes that one day he could be
thawed and compete in a Lindy Hop contest. (I am making that last part
up because I have no idea what good could come of thawing out a
101-year-old dead guy.) 

[comment: how about the good that would come simply from reviving
another human being? Grimes disgusts me! ]


David Grimes can be reached by mail at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune,
P.O. Drawer 1719, Sarasota, FL 34230; by phone at (941) 957-5209; by
fax at (941) 957-5276 or by e-mail at  

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