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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 12:14:23 -0800 (PST)
From: cryofan andrew <>
Subject: Russia or India and Half-Baked Discussion


Dear Cryoneters,


I am afraid it was me who started the discussion (which Charles Platt called 
half-baked) about relocation of cryonics to another country which somehow (I 
don't understand how) became a controversy.


Let me clarify that I never suggested moving or starting a cryonics storage 
facility in another country (which would be one monstrous headache). What I 
meant was a research facility like Suspended Animation.


I half-jokingly suggested that Suspended Animation be moved to Saint Petersburg 
(or any other place) where one can hire 5 or 6 local researches for the price of
one in America and you don't have to deal with zoning boards and animal-rights 


Somebody here have suggested the Dominican Republic. I think a country like 
India would be even better, since I have never heard about any great scientists 
coming  from the Dominican Republic while India produces highly rated 
researches, lots of American companies subcontract research (especially in 
computers) there and, on top of that, everybody (at least the university grads) 
speaks English there. Of course, one may have to be careful about doing research
on rats, which happen to be sacred animals there, but rabbits, mice and other 
small mammals should be ok.


Again, it is not for me to decide where and how to start a research facility 
since I don't have the money for it just yet (and trust me if I ever have it, I 
d spend it on cryonics research), but the point is quite simple   RESEARCH (not 
storage) could be done a lot easier in countries with low wages, good scientific
background and less strict regulatory environment.



To Comrade Yuri Pichigin:


Who ever cared about what Russian laws say? Let me remind you that not so long 
ago, according to Russian laws you and me had complete freedom of speech, 
worship, travel, political association and what not. Did you take those laws 
seriously? Even now the Russian law is $200 under the table to a state 


Plus there is no law banning cryonics RESEARCH and, thank goodness, they don't 
have any zoning planning committees yet or any blankety-blank animal rights 
activists. The problem with cryonics in Russia is not Russian laws but lack of 
funding and low income level of the general population plus the novelty of the 
idea itself. The business and the artistic elite, however, can easily afford it.
On the other hand, low wages level makes the research very affordable. 


My understanding is that you have already made a trip to Russia (or Ukraine?) 
trying to find researchers to work for the Cryonics Institute but didn t succeed
because everybody either left the country or switched to other professions.  
Well, may be you need to make another trip (or several of them) or look for them
on the Internet until the researchers are found.  Western companies do 
subcontract a lot of research work in low-temperature physics, organic 
chemistry, and computer software in Russia right now. 


Comrade, I do want to wish you good luck in your position as a researcher at the
Cryonics Institute since what you are doing is important for all of us here.


I have some other thoughts on cryonics legal environment in America, Russia and 
other countries, as I happen to be an attorney. I hope to share them later for I
have to go to work now. 


My personal belief is - Russia was the first in space and it will be the first 
in cryonics reanimation.


Best regards,


Comrade Andre Borisov

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