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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 15:57:49 EST
Subject: Half Baked???

In a message dated 17/11/2003 10:01:47 GMT Standard Time, Charles Platt 

> I see that Cryonet is going through one of its half baked
> phases. These always last longer than would seem possible.

I would agree with Charles when he says that people are not gonna relocate 
leaving jobs, family and friends just to be nearer to their chosen cryonics 

facility.  However, here in Britain the situation is much the same as the US 
regard to research into therapeutic cloning.  It is reported that corporates 
who wish to carry our such research are now considering relocating into 

Continental Europe & Asia if that is the only way forward for them.  One thing 
is for 
sure and that is if their is money to be made out of such techniques, (and 

their most certainly is potential for megabuck returns)  then big business will
prevail.  Even if it's not in the traditionally corporate friendly west.  
'Health tourism' as the media like to refer to it has already begun with Brits 
taking the initiative to get new treatments by travelling to where ever it is 

legally available.  This, I believe, is the way forward, not only for present 
cures but for future ones too.

Recently myself and Alan Mole were discussing the possibilities of looking 
into the Swiss law regarding assisted suicide societies.  Since then we have 

made initial enquiries that so far offer encouragement in so much as the law 
allows the practice to be carried out does not exclude foreigners (non-swiss 
nationals),  and does not specify any particular method that must be adhered 
to for deanimating.  The relevant points that are mandatory are :-            
a)  the 'assisters' must be registered as a not for profit society with the 
Swiss authorities.....  b) no individual can profit from the actions of the 

society in assisting a 'suicide'......   c)  the police must be informed prior 
an assisted suicide taking place,  although from that which we have gleaned so 
far, they rarely follow this up with any actions.....  d) a Swiss registered 
MD has to be present to oversee and confirm 'legal' death.  

As to whether Swiss law would be as accomodating toward long term storage and 
 r & d would need further investigation but this was never really part of the 
original idea.  The original objective was to look at finding a way for 

providing optimal conditions for todays suspension technology in order to 
ischemic damage.   Obviously,  if in the future someone makes an announcement 
that true SA is possible providing optimal conditions are available, but the 
laws in the US will not allow for it,  then we already have some where we can 
apply it.   If we are successful in setting up a society, and I must stress 
that their is a long way to go yet, it could be regarded as a 'portal' only to 

best suspension practice as it would be down to the individual society member to
make the necessary arrangements with his/her chosen cryonics contractor in 

the same way as the existing assisted suicide societies release the remains over
to the deceased's chosen funeral practioners.  

As to whether the cost of flying the suspension team over to Zurich for a 

'planned' deanimation would be less than the average cost of having a 'stand by'
team in attendance for what could be several weeks and the problems/costs of  
transporting the patient to the long term storage facility are all things that 
are yet to be explored.  Incidentally,  if anyone on the list has the 

expertise regarding suspension logistics and has the time,  their assistance 
would be 
more than welcome.  Our major problem at the moment is that we don't have a 

Swiss cryonicist to front the operation even if we decided to go ahead once all
the info' has been considered.  

To conclude...  I would say that although I agree with much that Charles said 
I think it best that we remain open minded and continue to explore new 

opportunities to improve our practice wherever possible and also re-assert that
which was said on this list a few days ago in that the sooner a World cryonics 

association is set up the sooner we will start working in a more co-operative 
co-ordinated way.

Regards to all.......


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