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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 23:20:37 EST
Subject: Re: Live Free or Die

Rudi Hoffman wrote:

> I am beginning to understand the frustration that drove Patrick Henry to 
> outlandish quotes which the patina of history and repetition have softened 
> but 
> were radical and outlandish then and now.  "Give me liberty or give me 
> death.  
> Live free or die."  

  Patrick Henry certainly said "Give me liberty or give me death.", and was a 
good man, but I don't think he originated "Live free or die." Though I could 
be wrong.

"Live free or die" is the State motto of New Hampshire and has been forever I 
think.  It still appears on their license plates.  They also adopted the 

"Right of Revolution" clause in their State Constitution, and still have it.  It
was almost adopted into the US Constitution too.

I drove through New Hampshire one lovely October three years ago, but I don't 
think we should relocate CI there.  When I said how beautiful it was, a local 
explained "We have four seasons here: Snow, Mud, Black-fly, and October." 




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