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Dennis Kucinich is championed by David Pizer when he says:

"Well, actually, the main thing is to get Dennis in as President. You
see, he advocates proportional representation, which would allow for a
voice in Congress for all sorts "fringe" disenfranchised blocks of
citizens, such as, for example, life extensionists and genetic
engineering advocates. With proportional representation, we
cryonicists and immortalists could ally with other likeminded citizens
to put into congress people who would STOP the passage of laws
unfriendly to our interests"

If we had proportional representation I am afraid the tiny number of
people championing our causes would be more than counter-balanced
by Ten-Commandments-In-Our-Courthouse fanatics, no-genetically-
engineered-food nuts, etc.

You would have a parliamentary system in which an unbalanced
personality like Adolph Hitler could snatch power.  We may not like our
Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum choices but in the end freedom
of belief and practice is safest under governance from the middle.
Randolfe H. Wicker
Founder, Clone Rights United Front www.clonerights.com 
Spokesperson, Reproductive Cloning Network, www.reproductivecloning.net 
Former CEO, Human Cloning Foundation, www.humancloning.org 
201-656-3280 (Mornings)


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