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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 23:15:13 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Thanks Charles
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> Message #22859 Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:24:33 -0500 (EST) From: 
> Charles Platt <> Subject: Responses to Swayze, Pizer
>James Swayze is still saying negative things about
>libertarianism. This is odd since James's membership in The
>Cryonics Institute was paid for, in part, by libertarians
>making voluntary donations. It certainly wasn't paid for by
>the welfare state.
Thanks for enlightening me, Charles, as to your special view, for me, of 
how Libertarianism works. I didn't know when I accepted the wonderful 
gift I was given and truly remain very grateful for, that I unique among 
all others lost my Libertarian guaranteed individual personal autonomy 
and right to free speech.

I care more about cryonics and immortalism than I do meeting your 
approval for how I express my opinions and what I express them about. If 
I perceive a problem with accepted thought I'm going to voice it 
especially if it directly touches my life and my experience. Besides, 
you failed to recognize I was asking a theoretical question more than I 
was making a negative statement.

In future I'd prefer it if you pointed your personal, in my opinion, 
neuroses at someone else. If you feel a need to puff yourself up please 
find a another target, but not Jerry Lemler again either. We have enough 
to deal with without feeding your apparent neurotic ego issues. It's 
three times now that you have seen fit to impugn my receiving of the 
gift I was given and attempt to guilt me into muzzling myself as to 
anything possibly negative about the subject of Libertarianism. Who 
appointed you to be my sensor? Is there a relationship to some amount 
that you donated to my fund that gives you the right to limit my 
freedom? Please do share with us that amount and why it justfies your 
being my sensor. If you did donate then I am truly grateful to you 
despite your apparent dislike of me.

>As for those wicked capitalist drug companies suppressing
>cures for diseases, because they need the diseases in order
>to make money selling palliative but noncurative drugs, the
>whole point of a free market is that if one company becomes
>complacent and avoids innovation, others that are more
>innovative can put it out of business. State-run enterprises
>feel no such competitive threat.
Yes, in an ideal world but you apparently haven't been paying attention 
to what's been happening lately. Ask Saul Kent if Big "evil" Pharma is 
his friend lately. Since they have a campaign to shut down all 
homeopathic and food supplement sources, sending their "quack buster" 
teams to root out the evil home remedy and life extension crowd's 
sources, it would seem this is very much not an ideal world. Oh, yes, 
they are using, er ah preverting the FDA to their cause, a sure sign for 
you I'm aure that regulation again is the root of all evil. I am quite 
certain that if the FDA did not exist Big Pharma would find another tool 
to pervert to their uses. Forget not "power corrupts, absolute power 
corrupts absolutely". Powerful people often do terrible things thye 
alone justify for the pursuit and security of their power. This is true 
for anyone, I fail to see why business is considered by some to be above 
government in this regard or less likely than government to do bad 
things for the sake of power and greed. Forgive me my common sense and 


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Signature Memetic Virus--The worst enemy of those who now or will need medical 
care is the uninformed politician or moral fanatic who proscribe what doctors 
are allowed to prescribe and research, with the consent of their patients. Those
who understand this are strongly encouraged to modify this to fit their 
personality, and add this to their signature file, and organize to recover our 
freedom from Big Brother. For those who wait until they are sick, it will be too
late. Those who suffer from diseases which might have been cured by advanced 
medical research or schedule 1 drugs banned by Big Brother, have the right to 
hold accountable those who sat on their hands or worse, deferred their 
responsibility for personal and humanity's survival to unseen mystical agents, 
while they remained ill and dying.

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