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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:41:06 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: Live Free or Die

>Does it have a state income tax, property tax, building dept., zoning dept.
>Do state bureaucrats tell business people how to run their businesses. How
>about a welfare dept.? And on and on. If it [NH] has any of these its 
>motto (as
>well as the other 49 states) should be:"Live as we say or die"!

But this sort of thing could be said about any law whatever: obey this law 
or die. A sufficiently determined resistance to the law will result, 
eventually, in the application of force by the state to compel compliance 
(otherwise the citizen could overrule the law and it really isn't a "law"). 
And again, if the citizen chooses to resist force with force and carry out 
a private war and "never surrender" it will ultimately terminate, if the 
law is enforced, in the state offing the citizen.

Yes, things like income and property taxes, building safety codes, zoning 
laws and the like are encroachments on personal freedom just as all other 
laws are, and are especially irksome to some. We want to have freedom, but 
I think a good point has been made that some ideas about how best to secure 
this freedom sound better in theory than they would work in practice. A 
libertarian state with a no-taxes, limited government has still to be 
implemented on any sizable scale, as far as I know. One wonders if it could 
be, as long as we stay at the human level. Human nature prevented the 
socialist "utopia" from working, and may also do so here, for somewhat 
different reasons.

Mike Perry

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