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Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 02:55:15 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Organizing standby fund, taking names amnd email addresses

For all, this is important,

I recently, with the help of others, developed an idea and shared it 
with the newly opened lists, the Cryonics Institute group first and then 
second the Venturist group. It's now time for a wider audience because 
several people have said they like it very much and want to get started. 
For sake of saving myself some extra typing repeating everything said 
before about it I'm going to utilize one of the best features of modern 
computing and copy and paste previous text so some of the following text 
may have been seen before.

The idea began by suggesting mine and other's desire for setting up 
first of all a local standby team among North Western USA cryonicists. 
It then blossomed to include wishing to set up the same regionally and 
then worldly. It also involved funding it through a voluntary monthly 
paid into fund of about $10.00 US per person. This concerns everyone, 
regardless of organizational affiliation we can all help each other. 
This, cross organizational local volunteer standby assistance is 
encouraged by both organizations in the new spirit of cooperation laid 
down at the cryo summit.

The main reason first on my mind for the fund was the purpose of funding 
equipment to be stored locally. As I said I first voiced this idea at a 
CI forum but stated then I thought it could work to be 
bi-organizational. Then I got the idea of putting together a fund that 
would simply pay for a standby from Suspended Animation Inc. I envisaged 
it as being sort of like an insurance policy. However, even if we could 
set up such a fund for utilizing SA, after first making sure any legal 
issues are resolved, there would still be a need for local volunteer 
standby for several reasons. Local teams might be able to mobilize 
quicker in emergency situations and either handle the whole thing, say 
if deanimation occurred suddenly or very quickly after their arrival, 
and secondly they could be there as backup while waiting for Suspended 
Animation Inc. to travel to the location. This last is crucial for any 
of whichever organization members not residing in the US.

This was also meant as bi-organizational but so far has been discussed 
under the auspices of how would an organization such as CI deal with the 
legality of such a fund. CI was first to be considered and discussed 
owing to the forum I proffered the idea first in but Alcor and any 
other, perhaps those now mothballed, or any new to come also apply. If 
it were bi-organizational and not affiliated per se with any one 
organization then legality worries for either or any organization may 
melt away. But this is only in my humble and unprofessional opinion or 
hope. A quick calculation of roughly 1000 combined members currently 
involved in both of the main organizations means that with simply a ten 
dollar a month each donation to the fund, a whopping ten thousand 
dollars a month would fill the kitty. This would quickly afford an SA 
standby for the first to need it.

However, it would need to get to a level capable of handling a number of 
standbys in a row in quick order or simultaneously before allowing any 
funds to be paid out. This would be insurance against multiple standby 
need and sudden unexpected depletion of the fund. If everyone agreed to 
this and understood that if the funds ever did deplete too quickly for 
timely replenish, in lieu of or unless someone of great means stepping 
in to loan temporarily the needed moneys to the fund, then all would 
agree someone might not get covered and have to accept either no standby 
or a volunteer only standby or paying one's own way with SA. It must 
also considered that owing to the fact that some standby's don't result 
in suspensions, the fund could be depleted with dry runs, something to 
ponder seriously. In this case perhaps the fund needs to be not let 
loose until it is ten standby's worth accrued. Or perhaps knowing that 
such a fund now provides for a larger customer base than the few that 
could otherwise on their own afford the cost of one suspension plus 
another [roughly what SA charges, the cost of a neuro Alcor 
suspension?], SA may be persuaded to work out a deal for standby's that 
don't result in suspension services, maybe costs alone, travel, wages 
and lodging paid? I hope first of all that SA is actually in business 
someday soon to offer their services and second that they approve of 
this fund idea.

At any rate the purpose of this idea was to get everyone, every single 
one of us, the quality of standby of an SA standby. This would depend on 
those remaining alive and joining in the future continuing to carry the 
load for those gone before. If cryonics ever stopped acquiring new 
people to pay in it would cease to accumulate funds and thus viability. 
I hope this fact does not make it a p*****d scheme. No one is directly 
profiting, not while alive at any rate, so technically it's not a 
p*****d scheme [**didn't want search engines locking on for the wrong 
reason]. Anyone knowing the legality around this please feel free to 
chime in. Whether for funding an SA standby or for funding the equipping 
of local volunteer teams or both this needs to be more widely discussed. 
I hope we can rely on our resident insurance expert to add his expertise 
and I know we have a few lawyers among us that I hope will add theirs as 

Something else that comes to my mind while considering this is that such 
a fund and the standby and suspension services SA can hopefully perform, 
with storage being handled by one's member organization, means that we 
essentially automatically get a worldwide cryonics service providing SA 
is willing to travel to each and every member's location for all 
cryonics (storage facility) organizations. Does this sound doable and/or 
even desirable? A dream I have is that SA or something like them, if 
they can't get going, could actually grow to the point of having their 
own aircraft for overseas transport. Such an aircraft could be properly 
outfitted with temperature and pressure controlled travel dewers. 
Storage facilities attached to the various organizations could crop up 
all over the world, leaving our eggs in many baskets. Should one 
location become to be under hostile to cryonics local government 
control, hopefully there would be time to transport those patients to 
already long standing set up storage facilities elsewhere. An ideal 
situation I can see then maybe occurring is cryo-euthanasia tourism to 
and from somewhere, as recently discussed, like Switzerland for those 
seriously or terminally ill and especially for those threatened by 
certain illnesses with the horrible prospect of slow loss of memory or 
even identity.

As I said I've had several people express a desire for such a fund. It 
has been expressed that standby and transport costs are not included in 
suspension services contracts and so for some an unexpected added burden 
possibly not funded under their current life insurance arrangements. 
Some have said that $120.00 a year is very reasonable for covering those 
costs especially with the added benefit of the level of service SA 
proposes offering. Of course only $10,00 per month each may not be 
enough, someone with knowledge of the statistics of probable death rates 
among our population, such as insurance actuary tables ( I assume such 
animals exist) would know better if it is enough.

If this is going to happen we need to act now and not just sit and think 
about this week and then a year or more from now wonder what ever 
happened to that fund idea we had a while back. So, I am willing to 
begin by taking names and email addresses of those willing to get 
started. This will hopefully be many people and thereby pursued others 
to also get involved. From there we can plan how to go about actually 
implementing it and the logistics of banking the funds.

Please send me your name and email, only those for now, and I will make 
a list. Please title you email "Standby Funding Plan" so I may better 
keep track of them and save them properly. I promise here publicly to 
keep it in strict confidence and for use only for this project. I wish 
to repeat this is for all that are members of any cryonics organization 
capable of storing your body. Lastly I wish to apologize if someone else 
long ago has had similar idea/s that I am unaware of such owing to not 
being involved in cryonet's early beginnings.


P.S. This was sent to CryonicsNW, Cryonics Institute, Venturists and 
Cryonet, lists.

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