X-Message-Number: 22898
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:41:57 -0500
From: Jeffrey Soreff <>
Subject: Re: #22893: We are alone [David Pizer]

>Now we need something along that line to support physical
>immortality, which is the honest position for most of us to take.

The simplest argument that I make along these lines is:

Politically, the USA is rather ambivalent about the death penalty.
There is popular support for applying it to particularly gruesome
crimes, but garden variety murderers are not being given garden
variety executions.  Biodeathicists are proposing to make excessive
age a capital crime, enforced by laws prohibiting treatments for
aging.  This is not mildly unjust - it is grotesquely unjust,
treating a grandmother peacefully sitting on her rocking chair as
if she were equivalent to Timothy McVeigh.

                             Best wishes,

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