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Subject: Re:  cryonics #228 - CO2-Induced Near Death Experience

CO2-Induced Near Death Experiences
It will take me some time to find all the references.
Aldous Huxley's Heaven and Hell discusses the subject.
Meduna 195* also wrote a book on CO2 inhalation in j.psychiatry.

If you try this, use 30% to 70% CO2 with the balance O2.
Breathing in to a bag, decreases O2 to dangerously low levels.
So it is not the most healthy way to increase CO2.
I know this is what is happening to someone who has stopped breathing,
but it is in your interest to supplement the CO2 with O2.

Don't try this without supervision.
If you have epilepsy or a heart arrhythmia, or diabetes,
don't try this at all!

If you breathe high concentrations of CO2 for too long, (more than 1 minute
or so) you will lose consciousness.
If the mask is not removed within 30 more seconds, you will convulse!
If the mask is still left on, you will have a real! death! experience!
BE careful!

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